About us

AAR-Telecom is a telecommunications company, focused on finding technological and innovative solutions for its customers. We customize solutions and products meeting the demands and needs of the Telecom sector, through our own either development or partnerships with international engineering companies.

Headquartered in the city of São Paulo, an important city with connections to the main cities in Latin America, where our business is focused with customers and segmented solutions in the main cities of the region.


Our values are commitment to society, customers and employees; our mission is to arrive at the best equation of profitability, sustainability and customer satisfaction.


Our team has in-depth knowledge in the telecommunications sector, gained through its extensive experience in developers and operators, with experience in numerous technology companies and market leading operators.


We work together with our customers in solving complex problems, always delivering high value-added solutions.



One of our main activities is product development, improving with adaptations to environments and demands required by the operator's local network.

A development that begins with the customer's need to monetize their network without the need to increase investment, we carry out analysis of the products of the logical chain of the network and circuits to which they are constituted to maximize through adaptations.

In this process we have the development of a product project, internal approvals and regulatory bodies and development of national and international partners for production.


We have a logistics sector with efficient processes, which optimizes its operation, minimizing errors and maintaining the quality of stock and product delivery.

We have our own fleet and with that we acquire more agility in delivery and distribution. We meet deadlines, standardize processes and adapt to the requirements and particularities of each client.

We understand that good inventory management and maintenance, and efficient and punctual delivery, are important commitments to our customers.